Supporting the work of the
Frederick Community Action
Agency in its service to the
citizens of Frederick, Maryland.

In FY 2011, the Community Action Agency had 4,737 encounters with 2,137 homeless or lower-income individuals in The City of Frederick, educating them of nutrition, health, shelter and other services available to them. Learn more by downloading our annual report.



Through a wide array of programs and services, the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA) provides food, shelter, medical care, housing, and other forms of assistance to families and individuals who are lower-income or homeless. Started in 1968, the FCAA is sponsored by the City of Frederick and the Friends for Neighborhood Progress, Inc. The agency director reports directly to Mayor Michael O’Connor and to a 15-member Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Frederick. The Board of Directors provides oversight and assists with all aspects of agency planning and operations. The major programs and services operated by the FCAA can be categorized into six (6) broad program areas: Food and Nutrition Programs; Outreach and Transportation Programs; Health Care Programs; Homeless Service Programs; Housing Counseling and Weatherization Programs; and Energy Assistance Programs.

Brief Description of the History of the FCAA

The early 1980's saw an increase in homelessness in Frederick and the Community Center responded by opening a Soup Kitchen, a Foodbank, and a Drop-In Center. The federally-funded Health Care for the Homeless Program was initiated in 1989 to provide primary health care and related services. In 1993, through a creative partnership with the Frederick County Government, the Frederick Community Center was designated the "Community Action Agency" for all of Frederick County and the organization was renamed the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA). Former mayor Paul P. Gordon and former county commissioner Ronald Sundergill were instrumental in passing the joint resolution that supported the "Community Action" designation. Construction of the transitional shelter, built adjacent to the FCAA, started in 1992 and the 31-bed facility opened in April of 1994. The Frederick Transitional Shelter provides transitional shelter and serves approximately 60 families on an annual basis. As an addition to the local continuum of care, former mayor James S. Grimes and Mr. Spurrier negotiated the lease of a vacant, State-owned townhouse in downtown Frederick and converted the facility into the Frederick Transitional Apartments; the facility has been fully rehabilitated and now provides three-units of long-term transitional housing for homeless families. Former mayor Jennifer P. Dougherty transferred administration and oversight of the City Youth Center to the FCAA and Mr. Spurrier oversaw a $130,000 renovation of the facility and grounds. In 2006, former mayor Jeff Holtzinger and Mr. Spurrier entered into an agreement with the Boys and Girls Club of Frederick County to operate programs at the City Youth Center. With the support of Mayor Randy McClement, the FCAA absorbed the operation of the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) in 2014 and has worked to expand the provision of energy assistance services to income-eligible residents. In August 2015, the FCAA was awarded federal funding to establish a Community Health Center and received designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).

The Mission Statement of the Frederick Community Action Agency is:
The Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA), the federally designated Community Action Agency for Frederick County, Maryland, administers programs and services to assist disadvantaged and low-income people, thereby, ameliorating the causes and effects of poverty.

The FCAA is organized into nine (9) program teams supervised by four (4) supervisors who report to the Director of the agency. The supervisors are: Michele Ott, Assistant Director of Community Services; Janet Jones, MHA, Assistant Director of Medical Services; Sarah McAleavy, Supervisor of Child and Adult Care Food Program; and Chris Bard, Supervisor of Food and Nutrition Services.

The following are major accomplishments achieved by the Frederick Community Action Agency:

1968 - FCAA opens as the Frederick Community Center
1972 - FCAA becomes a member agency of the United Way
1979 - FCAA becomes an agency of City Government
1984 - FCAA establishes a Soup Kitchen and a Foodbank
1989 - FCAA establishes a Health Care for the Homeless Program
1992 - FCAA receives award from Governor's Advisory Board on Homelessness
1992 - FCAA establishes the PATH Program
1993 - FCAA designated countywide Community Action Agency
1994 - FCAA opens newly constructed transitional shelter
1997 - City/FCAA receives award from Maryland Municipal League
1997 - FCAA opens long-term transitional housing facility
1997 - City/FCAA receive HUD Best of Practice award
1999 - FCAA receives an Exemplary Program Award from CMHS/SAMSHA
2002 - FCAA receives an Award from Fred. Co. Human Relations Commission
2002 - FCAA takes over administration of a City Youth Center
2005 - FCAA receives national grant for Community Land Security Program
2006 - FCAA purchases and opens a new foodbank facility
2006 - FCAA receives a Governor's Citation from former Gov. Robert Ehrlich
2006 - FCAA establishes a HUD-funded Housing First Program
2007 - FCAA enters partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Fred. County
2008 - FCAA designated to administer city-wide housing programs including the Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program, House Keys for Employees (HK4E), and the Community Partners Incentive Program (CPIP)
2011 - FCAA absorbs the operation of a School-Based Health Center Program
2012 - FCAA awarded a grant to establish the Green Jobs Supportive Employment Program
2013 - FCAA receives an award from the United Way of Frederick County as the Outstanding Community Impact Partner for 2012-2013
2014 - FCAA absorbs the operation of the Office of Home Energy Programs
2015 - FCAA awarded federal Community Health Center funded and designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center
2015 - FCAA renames the primary health care clinic to the Community Action Health Center
2017 - FCAA Director presented with Life Time Achievement Award by the Frederick County Human Relations Commission
2018 - FCAA receives a HRSA Supplemental Award for Quality Improvement

Board Activities and Responsibilities

In accordance with the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Act, the FCAA Board of Directors is a Tripartite Board comprised of one-third elected officials, one-third lower-income citizens or representatives of the low-income community, and one-third other citizens. The FCAA has a very dynamic Board that meets quarterly for 1½-hour meetings. As delineated in both the City Charter and the Board Bylaws, the Board is responsible for hiring and supervising the agency director, establishing overall missions and goals, developing strategic plans, reviewing program activities, monitoring reports, and reviewing annual budgets and expenditures.